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DocGen - Compliance Documents Management

Every Compliance Monitoring Manager's New Best Friend

Start from compliant and officially approved documents and customize content according to your needs.

NGFT DocGen Screenshot in Desktop PC

With DocGen, the process of updating our manuals has been digitized. And thanks to our subscription plan we receive concrete text suggestions in case of changes in law. We are thus efficiently positioned for the future.

The on-boarding process was smooth and
well planned out. We were able to implement both Rotary and Fixed Wing in one go. Maintaining our manuals is so much easier now.

Writing manuals is a chore I’d like to avoid as much as possible. I have to advance my business and spend time with my clients. NGFT Consulting covers my needs in every respect. I know my manuals are always up to date.

- Alexander Burger. Air Zermatt AG, Switzerland

-Sven Brückner. Heli-Flight, Switzerland

-Reto Ruesch. Heli Linth, Switzerland

DocGen Documents Overview

Your compliance process just got easier

Manage your operations manuals and documents online in a simple and effective manner while meeting compliance requirements and fulfilling safety standards.

As a Compliance Monitoring Manager you now benefit from NGFT’s expertise as a base for managing your manuals and documents yourself - whenever you want.

DocGen is performing the link between your company and law-making regulators such as EASA and FAA as well as national aviation authorities. You obtain maximum control over the revision and compliance process.

DocGen Edit Document

How is this even possible?

NGFT’s pre-approved document templates combined with a direct connection to aviation agencies and law-making authorities are key to the integrated review and approval process. Keep track of your documents' compliance status, use the integrated review process and you will drastically reduce your workload to remain compliant in your operations.

All good things start with a need for them...

...tell us yours.