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Operations Manuals & Compliance Services

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Dear Aviation Professional

Getting your operation back to normal while battling COVID continues, is a major challenge. While EASA has reduced the number of regulatory updates last year, new publications are now about to be published. Keeping manuals up to date and implementing the changes into your operation requires substantial efforts.

Many others had the same challenge. They have partnered with us to master regulation and compliance. It’s our job to support you in these highly demanding and important aspects of aviation.

Your advantage with NGFT’s tools and services:

  • Continuous monitoring of international and national regulatory developments
  • 100+ pre-approved CAT, SPO, ATO, CAMO and NCC Operations Manuals
  • Smooth on-boarding and document transfer, tailored to your operation and needs
  • Simplified and optimized work process with document management webapp “DocGen”.

We stay on top of things for you.

We analyze your existing manuals to facilitate the setup and content transfer to our structure and document management application DocGen. You get compliant master templates and updates to draw from. Thus, you remain prepared for every regulatory change and you still are able to customize and modify most parts of your company manuals.