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Regulatory Compliance

managing, monitoring and maintaining your compliance just got easier

International Standards

Each customer supports our efforts to make the manuals better. Best practice shared by experts improve your operation

Using master templates which have already been approved by aviation safety agencies with the freedom of custom changes.

Audits tailored to your needs and organizational profile to be safe from unexpected findings

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring is an important part of your management system. The implementation and use of a compliance monitoring system ensure continuous monitoring and compliance with all relevant requirements, including those of the SMS.

With our integrated IT-Solution, we are able to support you to make Compliance Monitoring easy to use and apply. We offer advice how to best set up and implement an efficient and effective Compliance Moniting System (CMS). Our training provides the necessary background for your personnel to take responsibility and implement the CMS in your organization. We will provide regular updates so your CMS always reflects the latest regulatory requirements. Finally we make sure that best-practice solutions can be shared across the industry. Re-inventing the wheel only takes up unnecessary ressources and time.

A Compliance Monitoring Programs includes:

  • Audit and inspection procedures including related documents (i.e. audit/inspection report);
  • Scope and area of audit and inspection, including related checklists;
  • The schedule for the program (i.e. audit-schedule);
  • Follow-up and corrective action procedures;
  • Feedback to the Accountable Manager;
  • Record and archiving system
  • Compliance Monitoring Training.

Standard Operating Procedures SOP

Standard Operating Procedures describe in detail how you perform a specific operation or manoeuvre. There are specific elements that need to be addressed when setting up a new type of operation.

Common Elements of Aerial Work Operations

Aerial Work OPS Common Elements Illustration NGFT

We currently have complete solutions for helicopter aerial work operations. Our SOPs include more than 30 different types of missions including HESLO, HEC and Parachute. Based on our experience developing these SOPs we are able to provide you with the required documents to add new and innovative missions to your operation. We will perform the risk analysis and develop the SOP including training so you are able to start the operation as soon as possible.

Before you are able to start a specialized operation, you need to conduct a risk assessment, assess the complexity of the activity to determine the hazards and associated risks inherent in the operation and establish mitigating measures. Standard operating procedures (SOP) appropriate to the specialized activity and aircraft used are developed,  based on the risk assessment.