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Flight Risk Assement Tool (FRAT)

DocGen Screen


State-of-the-Art Compliance Documents Management

Crew Overview

Your crew's status at your fingertips

Audit Tool Screen

Audit Tool

Comply with ISO:19011 and EASA requirements before any official audit

Electronic Flight Bag Screen

Electronic Flight Bag

Start using the digital alternative to countless pages of paper

Keep track of your crew's status regarding recurrent training, type ratings etc. and directly buy corresponding modules.

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Manage your compliance documents (operations manuals etc.) and the approval process thereof in one place.

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Useful for CMMs, Auditors and Inspectors alike. Comply with ISO:19011 & EASA requirements to be ready for official auditing.

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Keep your pilots/crew safe with HAI's and NGFT's new flight risk assessment tool

NGFT AI is an application that lets you talk, discuss and interact with your own documents, current regulation and other important documents you need for your job. It's like ChatGPT for aviation.

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Deploy your company's full potential, saving time and money with NGFT's app & tools