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Keep Your Pilots Safe


Pilots and operators take pride in preparing for and ensuring every flight is as safe as possible. To make it easier, we have partnered with HAI to bring you the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT), a special module for the company’s Safety Tools program.

A simple question-and-answer format helps you objectively and truthfully evaluate the potential risks of an upcoming flight and any aerial work sites. Once identified, the mitigation prompt helps you think through possible strategies to reduce the risk and make flying safer.

Learn how to use the admin part of the FRAT tool and create your own FRATs

Safety- and Flight Ops Managers: Develop your own FRATs with the easy to use FRAT management module. Update your FRATs as new risks emerge, operations change and your fleet becomes more capable. It’s all in HAI’s and NGFT’s new flight risk analysis tool.


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    FRAT Tool development supporters

    The following organizations earn our gratitude for supporting us in the development of the available standard FRATs. Their shared practices and insights related to flight risk assessment approaches and processes have been a huge help.