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About NGFT

Trusted Partner and Center of Competence

We started out developing operating manuals for a flight school (ATO) and grew into a complete management services provider for small and mid-size operators. We knew that something had to change when we started spending more time doing the paperwork to ensure compliance than spending time with our customers. Our products were developed based on real needs to make every day's work easier.

We strive to reduce complexity, try everything to understand what your needs are, ensure that you can focus on the important things, while we run our services in the background. A network of specialists with hundreds of years of experience provides know-how with exceptional relevance for your day-to-day operations. We look out to make sure that future challenges are identified and that we have an answer to all of your questions. Our relationship is based on trust so you can grow your business without having to deal with the regulatory and compliance details.

As a Training Organization (ATO CH.0299), we train your management team, pilots and staff to make them ready for new types of operations and the challenges ahead. We combine modern technology and state of the art teaching methods into tailor made solutions. Our learning management and crew monitoring system tracks and stores the achievements, checks, tests, licenses and permissions of all pilots and crew. The instructors are from the industry and still active in different management positions. While English is the aviator's language, we offer our courses also in German, French and Italian. 




Christian  Müller

Owner and CEO

Astrid SPrunger NGFT

Astrid Sprunger

Compliance / Marketing Manager

Urs Aecherli NGFT

Urs Aecherli

 Senior Regulatory Consultant

Marcus Merz NGFT

Marcus Merz

 Senior Regulatory Consultant

Jana Kulová NGFT

Jana Kulová

Regulatory Consultant &
Representative for Eastern Europe


Gianmichele Siano

Senior Software Engineer