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Crew Overview - One-Stop Crew Management

Status of your Crew at your fingertips

Crew Overview provides me with everything I need to keep track of my crew's training and checks in one place. The system is well structured, intuitive and helps me significantly.

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Get an Overview

Do you know the struggles of collecting training certificates, put them in a folder and update your messy excel sheet to know if you or your crew members are current? With our user-friendly solution Crew Overview you can forget them forever! This tool stores all completion dates and certificates from trainings made on our eLearning System as well as certificates from extern providers.

Find below a short summary of the most important features for individuals which are completely free:

  • Buy courses
  • Download certificates
  • Upload training certificates from extern providers
  • Share status with multiple crews
  • See your completion history of completed courses

But the true power of the Crew Overview will appear in the daily life of operators:

  • Status (current/not current) per position and operation
  • Manage crew members
  • Track status of crew members
  • Buy courses for crew members
  • Approval process for certificates from extern providers
  • Customize positions and operations
  • Add custom courses
  • News stream of latest activities in crew
  • Receive monthly summary emails of crew member statuses
  • Store training certificates from former crew members
  • Advanced roles and permission management
  • Combine with NGFT Tech Log
  • API to get status of crew members


If you're interested, contact us.