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Training for CAT Operators

Maintaining proficiency is key to safe operation.

We know that organizing training events and taking your employees can be costly and need a lot of coordination.  We offer various Web Based Training | WBT for commercial helicopter operators and their crew so they can perform all the training whenever whereever. All our courses are accepted by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in Switzerland. Our courses are used by more than 30 operators (fixed and rotary wing) across Europe.

The courses are part of our all-in-one-service. By using our Operating Manuals, you don't need to worry if all the requirements in your syllabus are met. We make sure that everything is up to date and compliant. But even if you are using your own OM-D, we are sure our courses are perfect for you since they are EASA compliant. If you wish we can add a customized module that reflects the operation of your company. Have a look at the description of the course content by clicking on the name of the course in the table below or contact us.

Direct course sales for freelance pilots and other companies (not using NGFT crew overview) are to be found in our ATO Courses Shop