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Training for Management Staff

Nominated Persons, Appointed Deputies and other Management Personnel are required to take responsibility for various fields within an operator.

In order to best fulfill their duties, in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, safety, and security, compliance monitoring, technical developments and business management is required. Only few candidates are experts in every single field. NGFT offers various courses helping management staff to be more prepared to fulfill their everyday tasks.

NGFT courses provide you with the theoretical background required to apply your knowledge in everyday work. After having finished the classroom part of the course, we offer on-site mentoring and coaching to best apply what you have learned, while focussing on concrete organizational issues in your field of work.

You get to choose from courses for various positions:

  • Accountable Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Compliance Monitoring Manager
  • Nominated Persons CAT (Flight Operations, Crew Training, Ground Operation)
  • Management of ATO (Head of Training, Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Theoretical Ground Instructor)
  • Nominated Person Continuing Airworthiness, Quality Manager CAMO
  • Management Models (structure, processes, stakeholders)
  • EASA regulatory framework
  • Basics of strategy development/strategy review
  • Introduction to Safety Management
  • Compliance, Quality and continuous improvement
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Position specific content (e.g. EASA Ops for NPFO, EASA FCL for CFI)

Direct course sales for freelance pilots and other companies (not using NGFT crew overview) are to be found in our Courses Shop