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Safety Management System SMS+

a Safety Management System (SMS) is key to safe operations in your company

An SMS includes four elements of which Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance need to be closely linked. Our SMS integrates data from multiple companies, therefore enlarging the dataset that can be used to analyze certain safety areas.

System Structure

Meta SMS Overview

Our IT-solution consists of four parts:

  1. Safety Reporting App (an app that allows fast and easy entry of data into the system)
  2. Mission Risk Analysis Process (an app that supports you evaluate certain risk factors present for a specific mission and how to reduce them)
  3. Safety Manager Workbench (integrates several Safety Analysis tools following the ICAO workflow how to best identify, evaluate and mitigate risks
  4. Safety Library that combines safety data from other databases.

Download the app for Apple iOS or Google Android and get in touch with us to set up your SMS.
You can find short videos on how to use the tool on our NGFT YouTube channel.

Our services allow our customers to concentrate on the essential things: Flying, engaging with customers and proving safety and efficiency in the operation.

- Christian Müller, NGFT founder and CEO