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Operations Manuals

Development, maintenance and support for your OPS manuals, compliant with regulatory requirements (e.g. EASA, FAA, CAA, etc.)

Fast regulatory adaption

 You directly benefit from our continuous monitoring of international and national regulatory developments.

Numerous OPS Manuals

Draw from our vast choice of existing CAT, SPO, ATO, CAMO & NCC operations manuals that are pre-approved by authorities.

Online document & compliance management tool with integrated revision process and link to national authorities.

Operation Development

Operational documentation obviously serves an operation. Whether you want to start from scratch and set up a new operation, integrate new aircraft types into your fleet or develop new types of operations... let's join forces!

We have set up and obtained approval for numerous types of operation. You can count on our support in setting up your company, developing the paperwork, training your staff and seting up the organization.

Following operations are part of our expertise

  • CAMO
  • NCC
  • SPO
  • ATO


As soon as you receive the approval from the authorities, you can start your operation.

DocGen - Document Management Tool

Beneift from NGFT’s expertise on a new level: with the web application DocGen, you can now generate and manage your documents (e.g. operations manuals) in a simple and effective manner, while meeting and fulfilling national and international compliance requirements and safety standards.

Manage your manuals and documents yourself – online, whenever you want, directly linked to authorities and regulation agencies to grant maximum control over the revision and compliance process. This is possible through NGFT’s preparation work on already approved document templates on the one hand, and through direct connection with agencies and law-making authorities on the other.

The use of DocGen is included in the subscription for Operations Manuals.

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