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DocGen Update Infos & Release Notes

Release Notes DocGen Version 3.4.0

Released: 4th November 2021

  • Visual and functional optimization of the manual editing interface. More specifically we made the following improvements:
    • Removal of unnecessary titles and field labels for self-explanatory elements.
    • Removal of unnecessary blank spaces around certain elements, like left-hand chapter navigation.
    • Repositioning of “Customize” button from below chapter content to actions above each chapter. Of course only displayed for default chapters.
    • Left chapter navigation bar items now show complete chapter title and info.
    • Added tooltips (hint appearing when moving cursor over icons) to actions above each chapter
    • Added functionality to “CC” icon for already customized chapters: red icon background indicates corresponding default content has been changed in a more recent master chapter revision. Click on the icon opens the corresponding master default content.
    • Added “page break” action icon above chapter to allow definition of a page break in the PDF before the corresponding chapter (please keep in mind that all first level chapters automatically have a page break added before them in the PDF)
    • Changed icon of the chapter DIFF function to better reflect “chapter history”. Now only active for default chapters
    • Chapter navigation now links to correct chapter.
      Note: after the first jump, please give the linking process approx. one second to jump to the intended content. This effect comes from not all chapters being loaded permanently for efficiency reasons.
  • Added more languages to “General language” selection in company preferences “wide green “Edit” button)
  • “Create draft” now possible for all approved documents, even if there is no newer master revision available.
  • Blocking period of 10 days following a document approval has been removed for companies of all countries but Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This refers to the “Late rejection” action displayed next to documents, before the “Create draft” action is made available again.
  • NGFT master documents can now be configured to display company reference numbers according to document type (i.e. ATO, CAMO, SPO etc. references). As this must be done by NGFT on master document level, a new master revision needs to be released by NGFT to contain the change. Please check the implementation by generating your document PDF and checking whether the reference has been changed.

Known bugs and inconveniences

  • In some browsers (i.e. Firefox), chapter editing around tables can be cumbersome. You will not be able to place the cursor outside the table, unless some content is already existing there. until we fix the issue for the affected browser versions, please consider changing your browser to e.g. Chrome, Safari or Edge, where you shouldn’t run into this to edit chapter content.
  • [FIXED] According to DocGen user reports, some company-specific documents have been lacking chapters. The problem can be fixed by recreating the corresponding document. This is however only possible if your document is in draft status and if the “recreate” action is available in the company documents overview. If your document is based on the latest master revision, you won’t see the “Recreate” action. Please contact us in order for us to show you a workaround solution and explain to you what the effects of this workaround are.

Release Notes for DocGen Version 3.3.0

  • Significant performance and loading speed improvement when working with large documents like OMM and especially OM-A.
  • When adding company profiles under “Profiling”, already chosen profiles are not visible anymore. To remove such profiles you can use the trash symbol.
  • When adding a new aircraft under “Aircraft”, all data is saved correctly after the first click on “Save”. Before, the fields on the second line were only saved after a second click on “Save”.

Known bugs and inconveniences

We had started setting up a new “OM-A (H)” before this release to offer a viable solution to the slow loading times, especially when working with “OM-A”. As the current performance improvement solved the loading problem, we no longer need to replace OM-A with OM-A (H). Especially for companies who have already approved OM-A versions in DocGen, this allows a continuous flow of versions and DIFF files.
Companies with no previously approved OM-A in DocGen are not affected by this. We may nonetheless recommend to switch to OM-A (H), though. We’ll be in touch with the concerned companies individually in this matter.

Release Notes for DocGen Version 3.2.2

  • The “Customize” button should now be visible below all chapters. It used to be hidden in certain cases with some browsers.
  • The problem with a document in review not generating a new PDF and showing an older existing version has been fixed.
  • Custom chapters (CC) are now saving when clicking “Save”. Please wait a second or two when clicking “Save” for the page to start reloading.
  • Changing the profiles under tab “Profiling” automatically triggers affected draft documents to get recreated. Accepted documents and those in review are not considered by the automatic recreation.

Known bugs and inconveniences

  • A now fixed bug has replaced some custom chapters (CC) in OMM with a “N/A”. We are currently trying to find all affected chapters and restoring the content that was overwritten. If you encounter cases in your chapters, please let us know by dropping a mail to
  • Loading times of OM-A are still very long and we’re assessing the possibility to reduce the amount of revisions available to speed up the loading/saving processes with OM-A.
  • When restoring default content of a chapter in a draft document, which is not based on the latest master revision available, the restored content will be taken from the latest available NGFT master revison nonetheless.
  • Abbreviations might not get replaced in PDF versions of documents due to a memory problem. Especially with large documents like the OM-A. Chapter 6.3 and 6.4 might be considered for example.

Release Notes for DocGen Version 3.2.0
28 January 2021

  • Your dashboard now shows the most important links to DocGen related Support and News
  • If a document “in review” gets rejected, the document now jumps back to draft state and is identical to the version that has been sent in review.
  • In company-specific custom chapters (CC), you may now also edit chapter titles.
  • When editing a table in chapter content, the table editing tools keep being visible.
  • PDF and DIFF files names are now composed of document name and the master revision number it is based on. Example: OM-A_rev_91.pdf and OM-A_rev_91_diff.pdf
  • When editing documents, the layout has been optimized, now showing a wider chapter content.
  • Restoring the default content from a company-specific custom chapter (CC) now shows a warning prompt and asks for confirmation, as you loose all custom content when doing so.