Standard Operating Procedures describe in detail how you perform a specific operation or manoeuvre. There are specific elements that need to be addressed when setting up a new type of operation. For expample an aerial work operation typically consists of the following elements:

Before you are able to start a specialized operation, you need to conduct a risk assessment, assess the complexity of the activity to determine the hazards and associated risks inherent in the operation and establish mitigating measures. Based on the risk assessment, standard operating procedures (SOP) appropriate to the specialized activity and aircraft used are developed.

We currently have complete solutions for helicopter aerial work operations. Our SOPs include more than 30 different types of missions including HESLO, HEC, and Parachute. Based on our experience developing these SOPs we are able to provide you with the required documents to add new and innovative missions to your operation. We will perform the risk analysis and develop the SOP including training so you are able to start the operation as soon as possible.

Please check our current list of operations that are approved by numerous national authorities. Contact us for more details.