The proper handling and identification of Dangerous Goods (DG) is key for a safe operation, even for non DG operators. The greatest safety risk is the uncontrolled DG held by passengers like lithium ion battery used in iPads or Laptops. 

This course is approved by FOCA and fulfills all of the ICAO/IATA requirements.  

Recommended for

Pilots, Ground Crew, Task Specialist

Course Format

Web Based Training | WBT


d, f, i, e

Price Initial / Recurrent 

60 €/CHF


Duration Initial / Recurrent

4.5 hours

Validity Period

2 years

Topics Covered

  • General philosophy
  • Limitations
  • List of DG
  • Labelling and marking
  • Recognition of undeclared DG
  • Storage and loading procedures
  • Pilots notification
  • Provisions for passengers and crew
  • Emergency procedures