You’re training isn’t listed in our list for CAT Operators? No worries, we’re offering a Custom Course Development to create a course that is tailormade! It doesn’t matter if you would like to train a specific procedure in your company, an Standard Operating Procedure | SOP or a new Type Rating, with our network of aviation experts we’re able to provide you high quality assistance by the development of your course.

If you would like to offer your custom course online, you can simply publish it on our eLearning System. This allows your user to access your custom course just as any other courses on our system and allows you to assign the course by using our Crew Overview.

Another solution could be to hold a classroom training of your custom course. This training can be organized and performed by yourself or through a dedicated trainer from NGFT. Additionally, we’re offering our facilities in Zurich Kloten.

Contact us and provide us your requirements for an estimate.

Adaption of an Existing Courses


We’re offering as well to adapt an existing course (e. g. CRM for Single Pilot Operations) to match with your requirements. It may be the adaption to the aircraft type used in your company or an additional chapter with some company specific training subjects. The possibilities are unlimited and the costs are low. Don’t hesitate to Contact us to get a first estimate for your own Adaption of an Existing Course.