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Manual Writing Process

  • NGFT

Start with a strong foundation and then customize the text to suit to your company.

We know writing manuals can be challenging. It’s not just maintaining compliance, but also making sure that the chapters are in the right place, texts are not duplicated and nothing is forgotten. Finally, the regulatory requirements may be hard to adapt to your operation. How can we describe our activities and ensure we covered everything?

This is where our Document Generation & Management Application comes into play. DocGen provides you with a first draft that covers your operation, is complete and fully compliant. Based on our experience we then work with you and change this text where needed to customize the text to your operation. At the same time we work in the background to make sure that all new regulatory requirements are captured, analyzed and integrated into the DocGen Tool. You’re always compliant and can be sure that the manuals reflect your operation. It’s easy! Get in touch.