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Major DocGen regulatory update by end of July

  • NGFT

This year we will have two major changes in the manuals that become effective this year. 

  1. Flight Crew Training und Checking (new requirements for CAT and SPO) -> entry into force 30.10.2022
  2. New Dangerous Goods Training Requirements (competency based training) -> entry into force 1.1.2023

We at NGFT are currently updating the content of the OM for CAT as well as SPO. We are in discussion with several authorities to make the implementation easier. Once we have a consolidated draft, we will integrate it into DocGen. 

We therefore ask you not to perform any updates until we have finished the update process on our side. IN order to avoid multiple submissions of revised manuals, we ask you to contact your inspector should you have been asked to submit another revision. Please contact us if you require additional details.

With regards to Dangerous Goods we are develop a customized training program for the various functions that exist in your company. Each role (e.g. Pilot, task specialist) will need to perform a different course. There will be three elements:

  1. WBT training based on the role
  2. Virtual Classroom training for each role to allow questions and some in-depth cases
  3. On-site proficiency check during actual work (we will develop a training program for the company checkers) 

Only once all three elements are done, the certificate may be issued. This will require some coordination and planning. 

We will also work with German and Austrian companies to develop a DG course version that can be approved in these respective countries.