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Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Helicopter Association International and NGFT Solutions Collaborate to introduce new Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Helicopter Association International and Swiss-based aviation service provider NGFT Solutions are pleased to announce the soft release of a set of tools produced to assist rotorcraft professionals in evaluating risks during flights or in the workplace. 

The Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) currently features an easy to use question-and-answer format, giving crews a common understanding on the major risks involved in various types of operation. Other formats to determine risk are expected in future or full versions. While the FRAT tool focusses on flight risks, the WORA tool (WOrkplace Risk Assessment) can be used to evaluate the risk associated with an aerial work pick-up site.

Both tools feature a free functional demo version – available here – while the full version includes a selection of pre-defined risk assessments, crew management and tools to develop company specific risk analyses. HAI members can access to the full version by signing in and accessing the tool through the HAI website.  NGFT subscribers can access both through their apps or subscription page. 

“We want this tool and the assessment to become part of the daily routine for crews and aerial work operators. If everyone has the same understanding on the risks of mission, each crew can better support the team effort, “ says Christian Müller, CEO of NGFT Solutions.

“We are pleased to bring this new set of tools to our members and to the industry,” says James Viola, President and CEO of HAI. “FRATs are one of the easiest methods to determine the risks connected to a flight, and we deeply appreciate the work NGFT has done to make this tool simple and effective.”

The full version of the tools continues to undergo additional development and is expected to completely functional late in first quarter of 2022. “This is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the free version AND give back to NGFT and the industry by offering your feedback,” says Chris Hill, Director of Safety at HAI. “This version is more than a Beta version, it’s ready to work now. The final, full version will offer more features and customization.”

Rotorcraft professionals are encouraged to go to  to try it out or contact to get access to the full version.