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European Rotors 2021 Review

  • NGFT

Last week NGFT attended European Rotors 2021 in Cologne as an exhibitor. We were impressed by the number of people that visited the first edition of this format. We’d like to thank all the people that made this event possible and such a success. EHA and EASA have organized a great program and venture. The highlights are too many to mention.

The growing interest in the VTOL industry has led to many interesting and inspiring conversations. The amazing response we received for our services, products and visions have confirmed our conviction to develop easy to use, common sense tools that make your life easier.

As we are debriefing the show and recapping all the insights and feed-backs we gained, we feel energized by your feed-back and the event. We take this momentum back to our offices and look forward to contacting all of you we promised to follow up with. We would love to hear from you regarding our tools and services.

Thanks again from us all to all of you.