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DocGen Update 3.1.0 Release Notes

Releae Notes for DocGen Version 3.1.0

  • Loading times have been reduced by approx. 50%. Large document like “OM-A” still load for a  a relatively long period.*+
  • Using the “Recreate” action on your draft documents, your own added chapters keep existing in the new version of the document.**+
  • It is now possible to add more than only 1 chapter to the same level of chapters.
  • Adding chapters now doesn’t create unwanted duplicates of the corresponding chapter anymore.

Known bugs and inconveniences

We’re aware of the following problems that still persist and will be addressed in upcoming updates with hight priority:

  • * Loading time is still quite long when working with OM-A. We’re investigating new possibilities for further enhancing this response time.
  • When saving a custom chapter, the right-side content may jump to the top of page. Please use the chapter navigation on the left to reach the intended chapter. The jump to the corresponding chapter may sometimes take a few seconds as the content of the nearby chapters needs to be loaded, causing the page length to vary.
  • If your document needs to be “rejected” in the review process or if you delete the document, your own added chapters are likely to be lost. Until the problem is fixed, NGFT admins can restore these chapters for you. Please let us know at once if this is happening and ideally add the chapter numbers affected.
  • ** If a chapter of an NGFT master template is added later than your own added chapters and holds the same numbering, the content may get overridden.
  • + In any case, we strongly recommend that you check back with NGFT before creating own chapters.