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Operations Manuals and
Regulatory Compliance Services

Spend more time flying and less doing paperwork

NGFT provides

reduce workload

continuous monitoring

100+ pre-approved manuals

 smooth and individual onboarding

With DocGen, the process of updating our manuals has been digitized. And thanks to our subscription plan we receive concrete text suggestions in case of changes in law. We are thus efficiently positioned for the future.

The on-boarding process was smooth and
well planned out. We were able to implement both Rotary and Fixed Wing in one go. Maintaining our manuals is so much easier now.

Writing manuals is a chore I’d like to avoid as much as possible. I have to advance my business and spend time with my clients. NGFT Consulting covers my needs in every respect. I know my manuals are always up to date.

- Alexander Burger. Air Zermatt AG, Switzerland

-Sven Brückner. Heli-Flight, Switzerland

-Reto Ruesch. Heli Linth, Switzerland

SPO Manuals Package

4'000.– initial cost
  • OM-A SPO to OM-D SPO
  • One SOP included
  • SOP1 (Basic Operations, 10 Mini SOP for Airplane and Heli)
  • SOP2 (Helicopter External Sling Load Operation HESLO, 15 Mini SOP)
  • SOP3 (Human External Cargo HEC, 3 Mini SOP)
  • SOP4 (Spray Operations)
  • Annual update: 3'000.–

OPS Manuals Package

6'000.– initial cost
  • CAT A to D, EFB manual
  • OM-B for 40 Types, DG, SET-IFR, LVO, RVSM, MNPS, etc. included
  • OMM (Safety and Management Manual) included
  • HEMS (Heli) initial 2'000.–
  • HHO (Heli) initial 1'000.–
  • NVIS (Heli) initial 1'000.–
  • Annual update: 6'000.–

NCC Manuals Package

2'500.– initial cost
  • NCC Manual incl. SOP for various types
  • OMM (Safety and Management Manual) included
  • Annual update: 2'500.–

ATO Manuals Package

5'000.– initial cost
  • ATO OM / TM
  • OMM (Safety and Management Manual) included
  • 10 syllabi included
  • 40 different syllabi available for H and A
  • Annual update: 4'000.–

Your advantages

    Your NGFT Operations Manuals & Compliance Request

    Personal details


    Continuous compliance with EASA laws and regulations

    Suggestions how to best implement new requirements

    Compliance lists and support for submission with your authorities

    Industry-wide solution to reduce administrative burdens

    Cross-crediting of training with standardized syllabi

    Simple Manual Writing

    100+ ready-to-use document templates for CAT incl. SPA, CAMO, NCC, SPO, ATO

    Easy to use document editing interface

    Company-specific profiling defines the extent of documents

    Add and customize chapters

    DIFF documents including markup of differences between current and previous versions

    Support & Reliability

    Continuous development and optimization

    Established international network (80+ clients)

    Personal introduction with web conferences and webinars

    Many additional resources like appendices templates

    24/7 support system with knowledge base and tutorials

    Powerful and simple...

    NGFT’s Document Generator DocGen grants you a simplified, yet complete and thorough management and approval process for operations manuals and regulatory compliance.

    ...see for yourself!

    Join an introduction webinar on Tuesday and Thursday morning until 23 september 2021.

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