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a flexible alternative for trainings, licenses and courses

Since 2015, NGFT has been providing a reliable eLearning system to participate in various trainings for CAT Operators and pilot license formations. The system is connected with the Crew Overview which allows companies and individuals to track and administrate their training status online. Your main benefits are: 

Flexibility & Time / Accessibility

Training may occur anytime, anyplace, students can learn at their own place

Engange Interactions

Each participant is encouraged to actually work through the content and discover to training subjects


Overall training costs are lower (no travel cost and facility fees)

Our know-how is growing and we’re continuously working to improve your learning experience. You can now profit from our expertise by publishing own courses on our eLearning System or get your custom eLearning System. More information and opportunities that comes along can be found further below.


Your Personal Courses on the NGFT e-Learning System

If you have a additional courses in your company that you would like to publish as eLearning courses, we’re happy to offer you our eLearning System where already all your users have access to. So, no new login credentials are required and after a personal introduction to the available tools by our eLearning specialist you’re ready to create your own content. If you already have content in a PowerPoint presentation, we can even take care of the process to create your eLearning packages. Should you haven’t any content prepared yet, we would be happy to assist you with a Custom Course Development.

A big benefit is the flawless integration of course details and completion dates into the Crew Overview. As soon as you create a new course in the eLearning System, he will be automatically available in the Crew Overview, where you can assign the course as usual to positions, operations or aircrafts.

Contact us for more details and pricing options.

Custom e-Learning System

You have additional requirements to your eLearning System? Do not hesitate, on request we will help you to setup your own eLearning System which will be configured perfectly to your needs. This allows you complete customizable environment - from appearance to server performance. We will assist you with our practical knowledge to provide you the perfect solution of your needs.

You can Contact us and provide us with your requirements to get a first estimate within a few working days.

Summary of the most important features:

  • We make managing your aviation company as easy as possible
  • Status (current/not current) per position and operation
  • History of completed courses
  • Buy and access online courses
  • Download certificates
  • Upload training certificates from external providers
  • Share status with multiple crews
  • Receive reminder emails before courses expire