Free SPO Conversion Training available

A free to use SPO Conversion Training is provided by NGFT. Receive a short introduction into the changes through the new EU Regulation regarding SPO directly from our website.

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About us

NGFT is a Swiss based Regulatory Competence Center, ATO, CAT Training Center and a SIM Operator.

Trend setting: With a unique set of services that are new to the industry, NGFT reduces complexity in the ever increasing area of regulatory compliance thus making life easier for our clients. Let us make your life easier too!


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E-Learning Specialist, IT Manager

NGFT is a dedicated team of experts led by Christian Mueller. As Accountable Manager and Senior Consultant he has been part of the Aviation Industry for more than 15 years. He began flying during his master studies in the US and has obtained numerous pilot and flight instructor licences in the FAA as well as EASA world (helicopter + airplanes). Working for more than 10 years as Senior Consultant in international corporations he founded Next Generation Flight Training in 2012.

NGFT drafts experts from various fields of the helicopter industry. A network of specialists with hundreds of years of experience provides know-how to develop training based on your day to day operation.


Innovations brought to life

The helicopter industry is driven by continuous innovation. New uses of helicopter are imagined everyday. While companies focus on getting the job done, EASA requirements for documentation and approvals from the national authorities must also be taken care of. NGFT Consulting provides regulatory advice and services to make sure that all manuals, SOP and permits are up to date and acceptable by the authorities. We are able to draw on our network of specialists to review procedures and new projects to get them to completion sooner and reduced effort. NGFT Consulting is committed to the helicopter industry.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory consulting (EASA requirements)
  • Business Development / Process Review
  • Drafting of SOP, Manuals, Procedures and Checklists
  • CAT.POL.H.305 / 420 approvals
  • Single Point of contact to the authorities
  • Maintenance of Manuals, Checklists, SOP according to the latest EASA and national regulations
  • Early warning system on new regulations with impact analysis and tailor made advise for companies
  • Review of business strategy / -models

Writing manuals is a chore I’d like to avoid as much as possible. I have to advance my business and spend time with my clients. NGFT Consulting covers my needs in every respect. I know my manuals are always up to date.


Training is the foundation for safe operations. NGFT is developing tailor made courses in collaboration with helicopter operators to suit their needs. Our Learning Management System (LMS) may be used by any CAT Operator to perform training, track progress and ensure compliance with current regulation.

One stop shop for Training

The helicopter industry is challenged with an increasing need for training and development on all levels within a company. NGFT Training offers courses for all types of roles and jobs. As a certified flight school (CH-ATO.0299) NGFT Training is focussing on ground school subjects. A learning management system (LMS) serves as the backbone of tracking student progress and ensuring documentation requirements by the national authorities are met. Our modular online system supports ease of learning when and where requested while keeping learning tasks focussed on what is needed in day to day operations.

Should free-lance pilots work for more than one company efforts are minimized through mutual acceptance of the courses. The Nominated Postholder Crew Training only needs to log-on and check if all requirements have been met by the crew member. In our virtual classrooms training may be performed anywhere there is access to the internet. Time for travel and leaves of absence can be reduced to a minimum while still having an instructor explainingall the relevant parts of the subject.

Free SPO Conversion Training

With the implementation of EASA SPO the Swiss Industry has developed standardized Operating Manuals based on the latest changes (Amendment 9). NGFT provides these manuals and supports during implementation. We ensure that these manuals are adapted to your needs and fit your organization. We also provide the relevant practical and theoretical training to ensure proficency in the operation and an increased of safety. Please contact us for details.

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Our services include:

  • Theory: PPL / CPL / IR / Introductory Course for Twin Turbine
  • Type Rating Training for more than two dozen types of helicopters
  • CRM Initial / Recurrent
  • ESET, Dangerous Goods, Initial First Aid
  • Aerodrome / Route Competency
  • Operations without an assured safe forced landing (CAT.POL.H.305)
  • Introduction to EASA CAT, FCL
  • Initial Compliance Monitoring-, Safety-Manager Course
  • Rapid course development for operators

The virtual classroom has finally allowed me to realize my dream and become a pilot. Being engaged in a full time job I could not afford to spend weekends away from my family. Being able to study in the evening at home has been the solution I have been looking for.


Helicopter simulators in the heart of Europe

In the fixed wing world, simulators are an integral part of crew training as well as development. While numerous higher end helicopter simulators are used every day, affordable, easy to use simulators for helicopters are still hard to find. NGFT Simulation is committed to operate and develop non-motion simulators that are affordable for the industry. Our CAT Training Center in Dübendorf offers a FNPT II (SET) based on the As-350. An additional As-355 is available for training purposes

We are currently upgrading one of the simulators to a higher level of fidelity to increase the use for training and checking of our clients.

Increase your decision making skills

NGFT Simulation is a FOCA approved Sim Operator (CH.FSTD OC.0046), certified for the following types of training:

  • Ab-Initio (acc to EASA FCL)
  • Procedures Training (Crew Cooperation, CAT A/B operations, Emergency Training, LOFT)
  • Instrument Training (CAT II, GPS Approaches)
  • Multi Crew Cooperation
  • Safety Exercises

The simulators may also be used to train and develop procedures for new types of operations. NGFT Consulting is in close cooperation with the authorities to expand the credits to commercial operations to include OPC and other checks. In order to better train pilots, NGFT Simulation is developing numerous scenarios based on LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) principles that will increase pilot’s aeronautical decision making skills. Benefits of using simulators include: increased safety, enhanced emergency and procedure training, reduced operating and training costs, reduced environmental footprint.

See the EASA Sim Listing for further details.


... and many more!

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