We're offering various services in the field of Consulting, Training and IT. Below you find an overview of the services and products we offer:

            Management Training
            Company Setup
            Safety Management System
            Compiance Monitoring
            Pilot Training
            Flight Instructor Training
            Staff Training
            Operations Training
            Electronical Tech Log
            Apps for everyday use
            Ground School for Pilots Licence
            Type Rating Courses


Service Gurantee

Our offers are based on the following promises:

  • Swiss Quality for best price
  • Access to our network of specialists 
  • Regulatory competence center (Holistic approach including all aspects of the "System Helicopter" )
  • Consulting for all different types of helicopter operations (Kconception, Planning, Implementation) with a single point of contact
  • Small jet operations for commercial as well as non-commercial operations
  • Fast, efficient and bespoke solutions
  • Our relationship are focussed long-term collaboration
  • Individual Support
  • Reduce complexity for our clients
  • Offer all in one packages

We work on solutions while you are able to concentrate on your core competence:  Working with your customers and flying.