The most important part of a Safety Management System is: YOU. As an employee, you can make this system work: by reporting accidents and incidents to your safety manager and by respecting measures taken to increase the level of safety. This course ensures that you are aware what a Safety Management System is and how it is functioning. 

Please also have a look at our free Safety Management System available for all companies.

Recommended for

Pilots, Groud Crew, Task Specialist, Staff

Course Format / Language

Web Based Training | WBT

Price Initial / Recurrent 

20 €/CHF


d, f, i, e

Duration Initial / Recurrent

1 hour

Validity Period

12 months

Topics Covered

  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Safety Objectives
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)
  • (reinforced through practical simulations)
  • Occurrence and hazards reporting
  • Safety Risk Management process including roles and responsibilities
  • Continuous improvement of safety performance
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Responsibility when contracting activities