Every pilot working for a commercial operator must review the technical and operational basics for every type he is flying. These courses are based on OSD guidelines and are split into three parts so that every three years the content of the whole course is completed. We currently have the following types:

  • As-350 (H125)
  • EC-120 (H120)

We are working on: 

  • R-44
  • R-66
  • B-206
  • S 269C
  • MD 500
  • A-109
  • H135

Recommended for


Course Format / Language

Web Based Training | WBT


Price Initial / Recurrent 

80€ / 80€

Duration Initial / Recurrent

2 hours

Validity Period

1 year

Topics Covered

  • Turbine engine knowledge course (if required)
  • Helicopter structure, transmissions, rotors and equipment, normal and abnormal operation of the systems 
  • Limitations 
  • Performance, preparation and flight control
  • Weight and Balance, Operation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Special conditions required for helicopters equipped with electronic flight instrumentation system
  • Optional equipment