We're offering a unique EFB System with associated manual. You need nothing more then a handheld device and you're ready for takeoff!

With an EFB you're able to take all documents with you electronically. The days of carrying more than 20 pounds of manuals and charts are over. The mail goal of this course is for you to understand, how to safely use an EFB and to be aware of the conditions and limitations. This course introduces you to the framework in which the EFB can be used and teaches the basics you need every day. Before you may use the EFB, simply work through this course and pass the EFB Initial Test. 


Recommended for

All pilots and staff 

Course Entry Requirements

Nomination by operating company

Course Format / Language

Web Based Training | WBT

This course is offered in English, German, French, Italian


Free of charge: Included with the subscription service for Operating Manuals updates


3 hours, set-up included

Validity Period


Topics Covered

  • How to use the basic functions / System overview
  • How to use the EFB in the cockpit
  • How to use the installed applications
  • How to handle malfunctions