EASA NCC requires Non-Commercial Operators with Complex Airplanes having their seat within an EASA country to have a set of manuals to describe how their operation is performed. We offer manuals for various operations:

  • NCC Airplane
  • NCC Helicopter


Manuals Covered

  • Operating Manual (OM NCC)
  • Special Approvals: Performance Based Navigation (PBN), Minimum Navigation Performance (MNPS), Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM), Low Visibility Operations (LVO), Dangerous Goods (DG), Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS), Helicopter Hoist Operation (HHO)
  • Our manuals cover 5 different types of helicopters and various smaller jets as well as turboprop airplanes

Services Included

  • Set up meeting to understand your plans and specific needs
  • Development of a complete set of manuals
  • Revisions until documents are approved by the authorities
  • Access to your documents via cloud and EFB solution (part of the package)


See our separate list


We offer an update service to ensure that your manuals are always up to date. This subscription also includes adding new types to your operation. Price see our separate list

Additional Services

In order to set up your operation we are able to offer the following support:

  • Project Management to develop your operation
  • Training of Postholders (Nominated Person Flight Operation, etc.)
  • Set up of administrative processes/guidelines incl. checklists / Apps for training documentation
  • Implementation of Safety Management System
  • Set up of Compliance Monitoring System
  • Implementation of Training Management System (also used for tracking of license validity and recurrent courses)
  • Roll out of electronic Techlog to ease administrative CAMO requirements