You might think most of accidents and incidents are caused by technical or environmental factors but in fact, 75% are caused by human mismanagement. Crew Resource Management (CRM) makes you aware of human made hazards. 

Recommended for

Pilots, Ground Crew, Task Specialist

Course Format

Web Based Training | WBT,  classroom courses upon request


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Price Initial / Recurrent 

200 €/CHF / 100 €/CHF

Duration Initial / Recurrent

6 hours / 2 hours

Validity Period

1 year

Topics Covered

  • Human performance and limitations
  • Human error and reliability
  • Error chain, prevention and detection
  • Operator safety culture - Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (verlinken)
  • Organisational Factors
  • Stress, as well their management, fatigue and vigilance
  • Information acquisition and processing
  • Situation awareness
  • Workload management
  • Decision making
  • Communication and coordination inside and outside the fight crew compartment
  • Leadership and team behaviour synergy
  • Automation and philosophy of the use of automation
  • Case studies