Compliance monitoring is an important part of your management system. The implementation and use of a compliance monitoring system ensure continuous monitoring and compliance with all relevant requirements, including those of the SMS. 

A Compliance Monitoring Programs includes:

  • Audit and inspection procedures including related documents (i.e. audit/inspection report);
  • Scope and area of audit and inspection, including related checklists;
  • The schedule for the program (i.e. audit-schedule);
  • Follow-up and corrective action procedures;
  • Feedback to the Accountable Manager;
  • Record and archiving system
  • Compliance Monitoring Training.

With our integrated IT-Solution, we are able to support you to make Compliance Monitoring straight forward. We offer advice how to best set up and implement and efficient and effective Compliance Moniting System (CMS). Our training provides the necessary background for your personnel to take responsibility and implement the CMS in your organization. We will provide regular updates so your CMS always reflects the latest regulatory requirements. Finally we make sure that best-practice solutions can be shared across the industry. Re-inventing the wheel only takes up unnecessary ressources and time.

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