The Audit Tool is targeted for Compliance Monitoring Managers, Auditors and Inspectors and completely covers the requirements of ISO 19011 as well as EASA's requirements in the area of compliance (Management System). The topics are based on the EASA Rules and cover the following areas: GEN, CAT, SPA, NCO, SPO, ATO (FCL) and CAMO. The question database currently contains 1800 questions, and we are continuously expanding it. You may also add your own questions to cover Towards the end of the year we will integrate Part 145. As consequence, we are able to cover all areas of the CMM's area of responsibility within one tool. More than 15 small and medium size operators are currently using this tool to cover all their compliance monitoring requirements all over Europe.

See a short introduction to the tool in a short film:

Since the tool is constantly being upgraded and expanded, we are open to feedback and suggestions from your practical experience. New functionalities are therefore rolled out on a regular basis.
This tool is based on a monthly fee depending on the size of your company.

We also offer courses for CMM, Auditors and Quality Managers. Contact us for more details.