In order to prepare and perform a safe flight, the piilot should be familiar with his environment. This includes the terrain, minimum safe altitudes, navigational facilities and aerodrome categories.


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Course Format

Web Based Training | WBT



Price Initial / Recurrent 

20 €/CHF

Duration Initial / Recurrent

1 hour

Validity Period

1 year

Topics Covered

  • Aera and route knowledge
    • Terrain and minimum safe altitudes
    • Seasonal meteorological conditions
    • Meteorological, communication and air traffic facilities, services and procedures
    • Search and rescue procedures where available
    • Navigational facilities associated with the area or route along which the flight is to take place
  • Aerodrome training include knowledge of:
    • obstructions
    • physical layout
    • lighting
    • approach aids and arrival, departure, holding and instrument approach procedures
    • applicable operating minima 
    • ground movement considerations
  • Method of categorisation of aerodromes/heliports and operating sites, list of those aerodrome categorised as B or C.