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Psycholocical Testing

Keep Your Pilots Safe

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The psychological assessment is mandatory for all newly hired pilots in commercial operations.
In collaboration with experienced psychologists NGFT has developed an easy to use and flexible psychological assessment procedure based on AMC1 CAT.GEN.MPA.175(b). It includes four elements:

  1. cognitive abilities test
  2. personality traits test
  3. operational and professional competencies courses
  4. social competences check in accordance with crew resource management principles (performed during line check)

The testing procedures can be adapted to your operator conversion program. We will also support you integrating the relevant texts into your operating manuals.

We understand that the validity of this assessment is essential. We have therefore set up a quality program to monitor the results and establish the validity of the questions. We use statistical analysis to ensure relevance and effectiveness of the questions used in the test during an annual review.

Please note that this assessment is not a system to screen pilots based on a company pilot profile.

The assessment for one pilot costs EUR 250.-.
Contact us if you need a test (contact field below).

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